A family run business.

I have known and done business with the Van Herpt family for many years (the Van Herpt family own and operate Mercedes-Benz Kingston). They are very professional, upstanding folks, and they, as well as the business they run, have true roots in the community and the surrounding regions dating back to 1954.
In addition to offering some of the safest and most luxurious vehicles available, many of the Van Herpt family live right here and have raised their families in the Kingston area for generations.
In the world of big box stores and monstrous corporate giants, that means a lot to someone like myself who cares about the benefits of local ownership.
I highly recommend Mercedes-Benz Kingston for sales, service and parts! Great folks!

Other customers satisfied.

Great customer service.
Great experience dealing with Jeff and Rob to get exactly what I wanted. No rush, friendly and great customer service. Very happy with my new CLA 250.
An incredible experience.
Today I stepped away from my brand loyalty and I went with Mercedes-Benz! The staff Rob, Jeff and Kathy, were the best! Never in my life did I think I would ever buy a Mercedes-Benz, and now, because of the way everything was handled, I don’t think I will ever go anywhere else. Mercedes-Benz...
Welcoming team.
Warm and welcoming atmosphere with equally warm and welcoming staff! Highly recommend a visit to this family owned and run dealership.